Zac Hernandez, President and Founder, Z&A Consulting & ServicesZac Hernandez, President and Founder
A large oil and gas entity wanted to heed caution before drilling at a site, as there were imminent chances of undesirable H2S discharge (which is highly corrosive and flammable) from the exposed sub-surface. Operators had to be under very strict safety precaution. They not only required the means and strategy to ensure the safety of operations but also an experienced partner that they could trust. Enter Z&A Engineering & Consulting! The company, with its engineering expertise and experience, has helped the firm operate successfully in the field by rerouting around the adverse effects of H2S exposure for 120 days to date. This was a task which they believed was difficult to achieve, but was delighted to be proved wrong! “We are a service firm that houses an experienced and professional team who can assist with the industry’s engineering needs pertaining to drilling, completion, production, and facilities operations,” says Zac Hernandez, President and Founder of Z&A Engineering & Consulting

As the global exploration of oil and gas grows, organizations have to look for fields and sites that can yield better results. To do so, they need technical expertise and in-depth knowledge about the industry. With seasoned engineers, project managers, and supervisors, Z&A offers second-to-none consulting services to have any and all oilfield engineering projects run as smoothly as possible. They approach each and every challenge that their client face with the same tenacity. The cornerstone of their strategy revolves around breaking all communication barrier between siloed oilfield operations.

The company’s client onboarding process begins with in-depth discussions with clients to assess their predicaments and unique requirements.Once the relevant information is gathered, Z&A’s seasoned professionals evaluate the best way to tackle the challenges in question and build robust strategies. Upon defining the strategy, solution and its implementations, the company puts its collective minds together to find loopholes in the strategy and develop contingencies as well.

When our clients entrust supervisory services to our team, they will know they are getting the very best service in the Permian Basin

After the solution is deployed, the firm works closely with its client to oversee that the operations run smoothly. If any hurdle arises, Z&A is quick to resolve the same with the contingencies they have in place. This approach helps them be proactive rather than reactive to any circumstance rearing its head upon the field. The team can perform frac or other engineering services to get projects moving, can supervise sites to ensure safety during the job and can provide project operations management to make sure the job is done within the agreed-upon timeframe. Operating in a highly regulated industry as the Oil and Gas sector, the firm’s supervisors, engineers and project managers have the training, knowledge and leadership abilities needed to manage operations while rigorously maintaining compliance and safety standards.

“We believe that it is essential to have experts oversee all oilfield needs. If not handled properly, there can be serious consequences and a large financial loss to any organization. When our clients entrust supervisory services to our team, they will know they are getting the very best service in the Permian Basin,” adds Hernandez.

Accomplished in tackling any challenge thrown their way, Z&A wants to keep serving their clients with the same level of experience and expertise. They plan to add turn-key products to their offerings, to deliver a comprehensive and end-to-end solution in the near future.