Energy efficiency is a vital part of building a cleaner energy future. It brings many advantages to both people and society, including fewer carbon emissions, lower energy costs, and better health outcomes in communities.

FREMONT, CA: Energy Efficiency is one phrase that people come across all the time these days. Companies love to throw it into their advertising. Energy efficiency is the practice of reducing energy use without enduring a loss in quality. Put another way, and the energy-efficient label is earned if it uses less energy than its traditional competitors. Still, it does as good a job as they do at offering the same service. Here is a look at some of the advantages of energy efficiency and why it IS so important today.

• Saving Money

Energy efficiency can have a significant impact on lowering monthly energy bills. Upgrading to energy-efficient devices would save an average of $100 each year.  There are also no-cost changes to the behaviors that can help people save each month. When appliances are turned off, or in standby mode, the electricity used costs an average of around $100 each year. Unplugging the device can immediately start saving on the bills, the same as turning off lights or adjusting the thermostat by a few degrees.

• Lowering Environmental Impacts

Energy efficiency has many environmental benefits. Enhancing the home’s energy efficiency is likely one of the lowest-cost and most instant actions that one can take to lower fossil fuel use and reduce the overall carbon footprint. According to a recent report, the extensive use of energy-efficient appliances and lighting – along with other energy-efficient measures could cut 550 million metric tons of carbon pollution a year by 2050.

• Increasing Property Value

Energy-efficient properties tend to sell faster and at higher prices than similar ones that are not as energy efficient. For homeowners, every energy-efficient upgrade they make – such as a smart thermostat, energy-efficient water heater, or LED lighting – adds to the properties' value. One study illustrated that energy-efficient homes bring around $5,000 more than standard homes, and another noted that energy-efficient properties sell for six-percent higher than standard properties.

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