The proliferation of green hydrogen is sure to revolutionize the energy industry while significantly reducing carbonic emissions.     

FREMONT, CA: The adoption of renewable energy is constantly rising. However, the massive rise in population and urbanization has led to a gigantic surge in energy demands. Further, the limited technological capability to harness renewable energy sources such as wind and solar have propelled the research in alternative areas like hydrogen energy. Green hydrogen is the recent advancement in this regard. Despite current costs and handling overheads, there are various potential applications of green hydrogen. This article states the major applications of green hydrogen. 

Replacing Current Hydrogen Production

One of the major applications of green hydrogen is the need to replace the large amounts of hydrogen gas that are produced via carbon-intensive methods to satisfy the requirements of the industry. Steelmaking is another aspect that can benefit from green hydrogen. Various organizations are developing direct, reduced iron processes that leverage hydrogen gas to extract oxygen from ore.

Heating Purposes

Various countries rely on natural gas for the purpose of de-carbonizing commercial and residential heating systems. Mixing of carbon dioxide with natural gases can offset the latter’s carbon content. Such a solution can be especially effective for the places where natural-gas prices are relatively high. A blending of around 20 percent hydrogen is feasible for natural-gas applications. 

Alternative Fuels

Hydrogen can potentially fuel a wide range of industrial applications. However, the storage and distribution of hydrogen have been a challenge. According to experts, the high volatility and flammable nature of hydrogen can be addressed by converting the gas into more malleable fuel such as methane or ammonia. Although there would be a loss of energy in the above process, the value of the resulting product will still be relatively high.

Energy firms have understood the essence of green hydrogen. While some of the firms have already incorporated green hydrogen into their operations, others are in the process.

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