The progress in the power sector is now dependent upon the development of new battery and energy storage technologies.    

FREMONT, CA: Renewable energy is going to power humanity's future. Solar and wind energy have necessitated the development of batteries. Besides, personal smart devices and electric vehicles are also attaining popularity, taking the demand for enhanced batteries to an all-time high. Batteries with better storage potential and improved properties are in huge demand today. These circumstances have pushed battery technologies to become increasingly innovative. Reusability, superfast charging, and many such desirable features are now finding their way into the market. More such advances are enlisted in this article.  

• Rapid Charging for Electric Vehicles

Battery-powered vehicles might soon become the preferred substitute for conventional vehicles. As environmental sustainability becomes important, combustible engines will lose relevance. Battery charging speeds need to be improved if battery-powered vehicles have to be made as efficient as petrol and diesel-powered counterparts. With batteries charge rapidly, electric vehicles easily overcome a big limitation. Many revolutionary battery technologies are going to power the extensive adoption of e-vehicles soon.

• From Lithium to Silicon Batteries

Silicon-Powered Batteries will soon be a viable alternative to lithium-ion batteries. The most exciting aspect of this development is that the performance of batteries might improve thrice when silicon is used. The new technology requires the use of silicon obtained from the sand as the replacement for graphite in anodes. Going forward, these batteries will become feasible for manufacturing and result in more options in the market.

• Wireless Charging Capabilities

According to a report published in Nature, harnessing energy from electromagnetic waves has now become possible. With this development, smart devices will not require charging wires anymore. Rather, charging will take place with energy from Wi-Fi signals. This technology is expected to have numerous implications for the consumer electronics segment.

Many other potential advancements like foldable batteries are on the cards. Such batteries can be fused into garments, giving them new functionalities. Never-ending possibilities are present in the domain of energy storage solutions.