Solar power infrastructure is well-poised to derive benefits from exciting applications of IoT technology.

FREMONT, CA: The mainstream adoption of solar technology as a promising renewable energy source has gained a lot of traction. Industries are vying for alternative sources of energy to reduce dependence on conventional sources. Solar energy has proved to be a viable option. The popularity of solar technology as the preferred option can be associated to its affordable prices and clean nature. However, there are several challenges related to harnessing solar power effectively. Extensive grid connectivity becomes necessary, and all the cellular modules, gateways, and web platforms need to be in sync with the commercial utility grid. IoT possesses the potential to serve as an enabler in such a scenario.  

Managing energy outputs and solar panels becomes simpler when IoT is utilized to redesign the utility grids. Digital transformation for electric utility companies is thus, hinged with the adoption of IoT systems. One of the critical difficulties linked with solar energy facilities is that the individual solar components can be clustered and widely distributed. The handling of such an ecosystem can be tricky. For example, ensuring the functioning of each panel might necessitate extra expenses, as well as efforts. However, employing  IoT devices with embedded components and systems can allow companies to monitor mechanisms and assets effectively.

Solar farm infrastructure can undergo further optimization with the use of an integrated monitoring system. When information is centrally accessible, solar infrastructure can be controlled from a single platform with a significant amount of transparency. IoT devices serve this purpose quite effectively. Thus, it will be easy to pinpoint issues and dispatch teams to fix and prevent the disruptions from affecting the entire system. The value of IoT cannot be undermined in the present case. Without IoT devices, it would not be feasible to determine the problems, whether they result from hardware-related or network-related issues.

The energy sector can uncover innumerable opportunities for facilitating solar power plants by investing in IoT systems.

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