The increased dependency on renewable requires an intelligent energy network and storage solution that can address energy demands even during a crisis. 

FREMONT, CA: Energy demand is on an exponential rise in the past few years. The large-scale technology adoption and the growth of the urban population are putting pressure on the existing energy reserves. While most of the states have countered this issue by partially leveraging renewable resources, some of the countries are eyeing renewable sources to meet 100 percent of the energy needs. This proposition sounds great but is prone to inefficiencies and system failures, especially in the extreme, off-grid regions. For instance, solar and wind energy production is dependent on weather conditions, and this challenge must be addressed via alternative means. Here are the major ways in which the energy issue can be countered. 

Interconnected Systems  It is crucial for the grid operators to have interconnected systems to minimize the impact of failure or issues in a particular grid network. Such a capability enables the utilities to transfer energy across a region or state, as per the energy requirements. Further, an interconnected system can leverage various renewable energy sources such as wind and solar to meet energy demands.

Distributed Energy Sources  It is a safe practice to have distributed energy resources, especially as the earth is increasingly experiencing extreme weather conditions. Having distributed energy resources will also provide more resilience against energy shortages or high demands. According to researchers, distributed energy technologies would help minimize peak loads as well as the need for utility-scale storage.

Battery Solutions  Energy storage has gained traction in the past few years. This fact can be attributed to the dual influence of technological advancements and the increasing dependency on renewable resources. Remote regions are further prone to energy shortages due to harsh weather conditions. An efficient battery solution will be a boon for the population residing in such regions.

Energy and utility firms understand the essence of having an intelligent energy distribution and storage system. Technological advancements and intent to leverage renewable sources will be the key to address the energy demands of the remote regions.

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