Technological innovations are making futuristic solar technology applications, which were once impossible, come alive.  

FREMONT, CA: The rapid proliferation of wearable electronics and portable devices is fostering the development of mobile and distributed power sources of energy. Solar energy has largely been considered as a prominent means of generating renewable energy. However, according to a report, conventional panels required more energy during their manufacturing than the panels will ever produce during their lifetime. This trend has changed with the emergence of new and efficient solar devices. Here are some of the latest innovations when it comes to solar technology.

Solar Powered Roads

Solar-powered roads incorporate a modular system of specially engineered solar panels that can withstand the weight of the heavy vehicles. The energy generated from such solar roadways can adequately power the traffic lights and road signs. Further, the solar panels are also being laced with LED bulbs that can light roads at night and provide the thermal heating capacity to melt snow during winters. Such solar panels are can also be used in parking lots and driveways.

Solar Wearable

While wearable solar devices such as solar-powered watches and other gadgets are relatively old concepts, recent innovations in solar textiles have certainly revived the concept of solar wearable. For instance, tiny solar panels are now being stitched into the fabric of clothing. Such wearable solar textiles are made up of soft material, unlike the traditional wearable that used hard plastic materials. Thus, solar tech is now expanding into home products such as window curtains and clothes.

Solar Tracking Additions

As solar technology goes the mainstream, homeowners are increasingly considering solar alternatives for their energy needs. A solar tracker is a key innovation in the above context. Trackers enable solar panels to enhance electricity production by following the sun as it traverses the sky. The growing impetus of solar trackers can be estimated from a report that states that almost half of all ground mount solar panels will include trackers by 2021.

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