Geospatial imaging offers an opportunity for the energy firms to address installation as well as operational overheads effectively.

FREMONT, CA:  The world is increasingly moving towards renewable sources as the means to fulfill energy demands. It is essential for energy firms eyeing to improve the efficiency of energy generation to focus on precision and accuracy throughout the energy generation lifecycle. This is where geospatial imaging sets its foot in. Geospatial imaging can enable solar developers to enhance their efficiency while also offsetting their maintenance-related costs. Below are the primary advantages of leveraging geospatial imaging capability.

Comprehensive Surveys  It is essential to carry out a survey of the area of land where the renewable installations are planned. Conventionally, such surveys were either done manually or via helicopters. Apart from being expensive, conventional methods were also time-consuming. Thus, there was a considerable amount of downtime at the beginning of the projects. However, modern unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones can capture geospatial information faster as well as in a cost-effective manner.

Terrain Simulations  3D modeling is gaining popularity across the industry verticals. The trend is no different in the energy sector. Project managers can better approximate the changes that will be needed with the aid of 3D model-based simulation of terrain. However, the efficiency of such 3D models will rely on geospatial imageries. The simulation will enable energy firms to position solar panels more effectively.

Improved Maintenance  Geospatial imaging contributes even after the installation of solar panels. The technology can be used to track issues with solar panel installations. Further, such a capability will result in increased efficiency as compared to manual approaches. For instance, when drones combine sensors with imaging, they can identify even things that can’t be identified via human eyes, such as heat.

The advancements in geospatial and imaging capabilities can enhance the efficiency of a solar installation as well as aid the firms with maintenance issues.

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