Predictive maintenance enhances operational efficiency by identifying any potential issue in the wind power systems.

FREMONT, CA: The proliferation of renewable energy sources is transforming the energy industry. Alternatives to conventional energy resources such as wind and solar are contributing to the growing energy needs of the world. Thus, it is essential to ensure that renewable energy installations are working up to their potential. Focusing on wind energy, active monitoring via precision sensor technology is not just contributing to the production process of wind turbines, but also in the predictive maintenance of turbines at the time of operations.

Wind energy installations are susceptible to a wide range of unpredictable events like stormy weather and lightning. Such incidents can potentially result in defective rotor blades, tower movements, and even complete failure of the wind turbine. Hence, there is a need for 24/7 monitoring. Sensors can update the wind farm owners with the issues in real-time and assist them with predictive maintenance. Real-time analytics capability is essential as the stakes are often high when it comes to service disruptions.  

The sensor technology is especially useful for wind farms in far-off regions. Wind turbines installed in remote locations are usually difficult to access. Such installations can experience a number of problems such as shaft issues, gear wheel wear, material fatigue, gear faults, imbalance, temperature differences, lubrication faults, and bearing clearances. Such technical issues can only obstruct the smooth flow of operations but also result in other subsequent or secondary damages. Once again, sensor-driven predictive maintenance enables the firms to proactively identify the vulnerable parts and ensure that the wind turbines operate unhindered. Thus, predictive maintenance systems contribute to business efficiency by providing reliable and constant measurement results 365 days per year.

Considering the constant innovations in the sphere of sensor technology, predictive maintenance is sure to proliferate broader and more profound. Thus, firms owning windmills can leverage this technology and benefit immensely.

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