Robots simplify many of the complex manufacturing and handling tasks involved in the energy industry.

FREMONT, CA: Robotics promises to transform several operational as well as business aspects. Industries are benefitting from the incorporation of robotics into their internal processes. The energy industry can also benefit from robotics and automation when it comes to addressing the complexity involved in power plants. Robotics can simplify a number of tasks that are difficult for humans to accomplish. For instance, the continuous stream of data from various sensor devices must be organized for future reference. Robots can easily accomplish such tedious tasks. Further, the use of robotics can also increase the efficiency of manufacturing and transportation processes in the energy industry.

When it comes to the energy industry, robots have a key role in the manufacturing of various equipment such as wind turbines and solar panels. Manufacturers typically prefer generic robots for wind and solar equipment instead of highly specialized bots. This preference for generic robots can be attributed to the highly dynamic nature of the energy sector due to constant technological improvements. 

Robots are also being leveraged for transportation and handling materials in the energy sector. For instance, solar panels are often heavy and complicated to be handled manually. On the other hand, silicon wafers needed to manufacture solar panels are delicate. Robots are better equipped against these challenges as a bot can precisely and quickly handle silicon as well as finished solar panels without damaging them. For instance, Pneumatic robots reduce the chances of damage to materials due to their fluid movement.

Wind turbine manufacturers are also leveraging robotics in their manufacturing processes. Robots can aid manufacturers with tasks such as sanding, painting, welding, and polishing turbine blades and towers. Further, the incorporation of robots for the above tasks can also speed up the production processes.

Thus, the energy industry is eyeing robots as a means to enhance process efficiency and boost output.

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