The introduction of small wind turbines enables homeowners to address their household energy requirements. 

FREMONT, CA: The use of wind power is gaining traction. The idea of producing energy from wind seems so exciting that homeowners are wondering about the feasibility of a wind turbine in their backyard. While harnessing wind energy certainly depends on weather conditions, properties in open, rural areas can benefit largely from a home-owned wind turbine due to better ventilation. Alternatively, small rooftop turbines can be installed over high-rise buildings in cities as the wind impact increases with altitude. 

Smaller rooftop turbines can act as an alternative means of energy for the homeowners. Such turbines can address the additional energy needs of the people. Home-based wind turbines can also be used to power the energy grids in case of any surplus energy. Small wind turbines have a diameter of up to 10 meters, which is significantly smaller when compared to the large farm-based turbines. 

The prerequisite to the installation of small rooftop turbines is the determination of the amount of energy required by the property owners. In most cases, people use small rooftop wind turbines to meet a part of their energy needs. Homeowners can determine a wind turbine’s energy production capacity using an estimated capacity factor. The capacity factor can forecast the average amount of electricity a power generator can produce over the course of the year. 

Small rooftop wind turbines are best suited for the places that are naturally situated in a windy location. According to a report, the places that experience an average wind speed of more than 5 meters per second annually can be considered suitable for the installation of small wind turbines. Additionally, micro wind turbines can be deployed for other off-grid applications such as charging batteries for RVs.

Small rooftop wind turbines have limited capacity. However, if they are deployed on a mass-scale, they can reduce pressure on the industrial grids and offer clean energy for use.

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