Using energy management software can take businesses’ energy management game to the next level.

FREMONT, CA: Energy efficiency is on top of the corporate agenda. This is due to energy prices rising significantly in recent years. But, many businesses are also seeking to lower their energy use for environmental reasons. With energy efficiency being a priority for businesses are investing in energy management software to support them as efficiently as possible. Energy management software benefits cover more than mere cost reduction. Some of the benefits of energy management software include significant insight, time-savings, and benefits. Here are the main benefits of energy management software for businesses.

• Streamlined Workflow

An energy manager is responsible for more than just electricity use and responsible for gas and water use, maybe even generation if the firm produces energy onsite. The energy supplier may have offered software to see the energy usage over time. However, it is unlikely that that one supplier is serving all the utility needs. Energy management software reduces this problem. Good software is not limited to a single supplier. This means firms can analyze all the electricity, gas, water, and generation data in one place, quickly and seamlessly.

• Deeper Insights into Energy Data

Many of the solutions offered by energy suppliers simply visualize energy use. Data is the key to energy management software companies. Energy management software utilizes machine learning technology to highlight areas for improvement, giving firms a deeper understanding of their energy use. This is functionality firms just can’t get with Excel or many supplier-owned platforms.

• Avoids Repetitive Tasks

Energy management software is all about making energy manager’s life easier. The software allows firms to run degree day regressions at the click of a button and schedule reports to be sent out across the organization. Energy managers can rest easy knowing that the automatic anomaly identification service will notify them via email if anything has gone wrong.

• Streamlines Stakeholder Management

Energy management software makes it easier to communicate and partner on energy-related issues. With this, firms can share information with the team, including alarms, anomalies, reports, and unique datasets. They can even use our in-built messaging functionality to remediate issues with the team.