Companies in the energy sector are experimenting with innovative risk management strategies, as cyber-resilience becomes vital.

FREMONT, CA: Today, almost all the critical infrastructures, facilities, and industries are reliant on energy supply. Uninterrupted energy services are thus indispensable. However, the interconnected systems driving the energy facilities are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats. In order to protect energy services against cyberattacks, energy firms need to come up with advanced infrastructure and solutions that have the ability to mitigate cyber risks. Some ways in which energy companies can boost the resilience of energy facilities against sophisticated threats are discussed below.

Accelerated Identification and Information Sharing

Every company in the energy domain must develop the ability to identify and share information with the least amount of lags. This can be achieved by deploying connected devices at strategic locations across facilities and systems. Digital solutions that help accelerate the information transmission empower operators to be proactive in handling any security threat that emerges.

Agility in Responding to Alerts and Detecting Potential Risks

Energy firms need to incorporate a certain degree of agility in risk management operations so as to ensure cybersecurity. Detecting potential risks within a certain time-frame empowers energy companies to act against attacks and mitigate them. With analytics and artificial intelligence-enabled solutions, it has become feasible for energy providers to attain self-sufficiency and agility in responding to critical security scenarios.

Comprehensive Recoverability

Even if a security attack is effectively averted, it is wise to follow measures that help operational systems recover. The appropriate response should be followed up with optimized restoration and recovery strategies. Just like disruptions caused by natural hazards, entail immediate steps towards recovery, tackling cyber threats also mandates effective measures that will prevent potential threats from resurfacing.

Thus, to prevent cybersecurity threats from disrupting services, energy sector companies will have to device comprehensive strategies and acquire advanced technologies. Once the strategies are in place, maintaining a resilient energy facility becomes feasible.